Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beware MAJOR cuteness below:

Okay, these new pictures are enough to put me on a plane to China TODAY! A traveling parent took a gift to our boy and we got new pictures. In the frame there is a picture of us, holding his picture. These will melt your heart for sure. PLEASE pray that our LOA comes quickly and that we can travel very soon to get this boy home. We are on day 55 of waiting for this ONE paper that I can not move forward without......too too long for my sweet boy to be waiting. Look at him KISSING our picture. Our sweet boy if you only knew how much you are loved and wanted. Notice his new haircut, and it looks like he has lost his first tooth! We also sent him a toy airplane, so hopefully he will understand how we are getting to him and how we will get home. We are so blessed that he is in a nice orphanage. He is always so well groomed and dressed. God please help me get to my boy as soon as possible.