Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2 years over due update.

Two years! It's been SO long since I have updated! It just seems that I mean to, and then, well it just doesn't happen. You know the old saying "no news is good news", its true in this case.
Lincoln is doing AMAZING. This boy is a rock star. He's SO much stronger than he ever was. He's amazingly smart. So happy and agreeable, always smiling. Honestly, he pretty much came to us and never looked back. Happy, Happy, Happy.
I wanted to take a moment to advocate for adopting a child with CP. I KNOW it sounds so scary, and the degrees can vary so greatly, but every child I have meet with CP is so precious. Determined. It's so beautiful to watch them get stronger and do more than they ever could before. An orphanage is a terrible place for a child with CP. Our Lincoln gained more strength and skill just being able to play and explore. That has been his basic physical therapy. Sure there are things that are difficult for him to do, but he keeps trying. We don't focus on those things, because truth is there are so MANY more things he CAN do. Just this summer he learned to tie his shoes. Monumental. No one taught him. He watched and practiced on his own.
I wanted to give a big shout to Shriners as well. They have helped tremendously with Lincoln and continue to try new things to help improve his function anyway they can think of. Big plus, no charge to us.
If you are interested in adopting a child with CP, I am always happy to talk to you. It's been awesome here. This kid is so smart. His memory is amazing, and check out his mad jumping skills in the video below. We are SO happy that God has blessed is with this little treasure.
Please email if you have more questions.
ldoc1973@gmail dot com
Happy 2 years home Lincoln. You fill our home with love and happiness!

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