Friday, December 9, 2011

Where have I been??

Wow guys! Sorry about the lack of updating. It seems that by the time I have the time to update, I am too exhausted to type it all out! I do think about it, and have a million posts all written in my mind, they just never seem to make to the computer.
So, updates. We have been in a whirlwind of medical appointments. MRI's, EEG, eye doctors, dentists, pediatrician, therapists, we have seen quite a lot of medical professionals in the last three months, and with out getting all into the details, we still really do not know what is going on with our boy. His MRI was 100% normal, which is good, but puzzling. He seems to be making progress with therapy, but there are still issues that we are trying to figure how how to treat in order for him to have success in these areas. Hopefully more to come on that later. Genetic testing is still out, but we should get those results after Christmas.
This boy is so sweet and agreeable. We have very very few problems, if any. He is just happy and content. His English is really coming along, although I am sure he will need some speech therapy one day. I have been trying to prioritize his therapies and treatments, because honestly, there is not enough time in the day to do it all at once.
We had a ton of fun celebrating Halloween and Thanksgiving! Over Thanksgiving, we went to the mountains, to our families favorite mountain get away. We visited Grandfather Mountain, did some shopping, and watched a parade. We swam at the pool too, and the little kids really had fun with that. Of course Lincoln had a super time, and really enjoyed the festivities, but he is SUPER excited about Christmas. He loves the trees and lights.....just wait till he gets the gifts!!!
So all is well around here, just busy, but I am loving every second of it! At some point I really need to switch to a family blog, but I will try to keep this one up and running for awhile.
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.