Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week 3, STAPLES?

Seriously. What is going on here? Third week home. Fifth doctors visit?
First week, well check.
Second week fever, then to the ER with breathing issues, then back to the doc for a recheck.
This week, staples.
FOUR staples.
He was running through the house.....he tripped and hit his head on the toy box. It bled a lot. It wasn't pretty. So off we went.
Fourth child, first one with stitches/staples.
And it's only Tuesday?
At least he is still all smiles!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Rain and doctors go away!

We have still been battling sickness around here. Lilly had strep, and Lincoln was trying to get over his virus still. Plus it pretty much has rained all week. So this week has been pretty blah.
Link lost a tooth though, which he thought was pretty cool.

Last night we went to Landon's football game. He LOVED that! Gee Gee is his favorite person around here, besides mommy of course. : )

Today Lilly was supposed to have gymnastics today. It was going to be her first lesson. I really played it up. BUT I couldn't find the gym. One reason was that it was raining so hard I could hardly see. The other reason is that map quest took me some crazy route. So, after we were already late and I was still lost, I figured we might as well give-up. We will try again next week. Lilly was really looking forward to it, so I made it up to her by going to chuck e cheese. About my least favorite place, but we were the only ones there for most of the time, so at least there weren't too many wild kids around......just my two! Link had so much fun! So did Lilly.

Hoping the rain and sickness is gone!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Catching up...

Well the past two weeks have flown by. I will try to update all that is going on without writing a small book.
We took Link to the pediatrician. Nothing huge to report. He weighs about 41 pounds. He is so much smaller than we thought. Poor boys clothes fall off of him, so it will be MUCH smaller sizes for fall and winter clothes shopping. He does eat well, so I am hoping he will gain quickly. We are all scheduled for blood work, and working on his neurological exam appointment to be set up soon. His pediatrician does think he has CP, although she thinks it is mild. She says his prognosis should be great, which is good news.
We also celebrated his birthday, which is bitter sweet to me, because it is estimated. I really wish we knew the exact date, or even if it is remotely close, but there is nothing that I can do about that, so we celebrate that date anyway.....after all it's the date that lead him to us, so it is special. We did not have a big celebration, but we did have cake and a few toys. I am not sure if he fully understood that it was his birthday. We had fun though, and he sure enjoyed his presents.

We have been spending this time getting to know each other, which has involved many smiles, and many tears. Ah, brothers and sisters!

The weather has been so nice, we have spent a ton of time outside. Link finally learned to ride the power wheels. I thought I may have a heart attack and a few mental breakdowns, but luckily he learned with no injury and loves riding his new wheels.

Then he got sick. Really sick. But he is starting to feel better now. Unfortunately now Lilly has it. Okay virus, you can leave now. We have more fun to be had.
Thanks for all of the prayers! He continues to do amazing!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

What a great feeling to be back HOME! The flights were much better on the way back. The kids did really good. It takes its toll on you still though, and we have been quite tired. Yesterday I laid down for a quick nap and woke up 6 hours later!!!
So today I MUST stay awake!
Lincoln is doing great. We have had no problems at all....well besides the seatbelt on the way home. He isn't too fond of that. Otherwise things are better than I ever imagined that they could be. He is sweet, and easy as he can be.
Now Lilly has had some adjustments to make, and when things are good, they are good, but when they are bad they are horrid. It seems all of the sudden Lilly wants everything her brother touches. And just a few minutes ago she "accidentally" hit him. Sigh, we have some work to do there. I suppose that is normal though.
So thats about all I have for now. Just settling in and letting Link explore, and have fun. He has a doctors appointment next week, so hopefully he will do okay with that.
Much LOVE, thank you all for all of your prayers, and sweet words...they have encouraged us so much.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hong kong.

We made it to Hong Kong! We opted to take a van, instead of the train. It was more money, but worth it to be able to relax. We still had to go through the border, and immigration, but that was not painful at all.
After we checked in we decided to make the most of the day with a quick trip to Disney. It was fun! Much smaller than home, but just right for our two. Link probably thought we were crazy, but he really enjoyed it. Lilly loved it, and was so happy to go to Mickey Mouse's house. We saw the parade, and my only disappointment was that Mulan was MIA.
Hong Kong is very pretty. I love the way the mountains meet the sea, and I wish I had a good picture of it.
HOME tomorrow. I am beyond excited! It's only a day away!
Off to do some last minute packing!!!