Friday, March 9, 2012


I am so so sorry for my lack of updates. I think about writing. I really do. But it seems that the posts written in my head never make it to the computer.
So for the catch up.
Basically I missed documenting every holiday and milestone. Oops. Well we didn't miss them, but I forgot to share them with you guys.

Christmas was fun. Link thought it was all pretty cool. He said that he had heard of baby Jesus before, and had seen Christmas trees. But he never had presents, which was my far the coolest thing for him. We made gingerbread houses and cookies.

After Christmas we celebrated Chinese New Year, Valentines day and went to the circus. Both were a lot of fun.

We have had SO many appointments, trying to put the medical pieces together for Link. He does continue to improve a little bit at a time. He is just the sweetest boy. So sweet and kind.

I'm always questioning how much to share about my children, their past, and their medical information. I feel like their medical information is private, and theirs to share if they choose to. I do want to help encourage others though, so I am torn.

There is a whole world of children just like mine who need a family. My kids are not cerebral palsy, cleft lip, Chinese, or any of those labels. They are just kids who deserved more. Who deserved a family. Who deserved someone to love them for who they are. Completely. Through the struggles and joys. Someone to cheer for their victories big and small and LOVE them.
Over 150 million still wait. MY kids used to be a part of that number. It breaks my heart to think of my kids being alone. And my heart breaks for those who may not get that chance.

So overall we are well. Some say my plate is full. It is a little. I actually LOVE having a full plate. Having a full plate means having a FULL heart. I couldn't be happier!

PS-I'm able to blog from my phone now, so hopefully that will help me be able to post more frequently. I hope the pictures show up okay because they are from my phone too. Excuse typos please.