Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last day in guangzhou

Ah, the last day in Guangzhou. Bitter sweet, but mostly sweet. I am so ready to be back at home, in my bed, with my whole family under one roof.

Last night we went to the Chinese place near Jordan's to eat again. Five flights of stairs, and you know it has to be worth it for me to climb all those steps. The food is so good, and we have met amazing friends here that make it even better.

This morning after breakfast we went swimming at the hotel pool. Link and Lilly loved it, but I must say that my Mom may have had a heart attack had she seen it. The pool was fine, but it was on the top of the building on the roof. Nine floors up I think. And there was only a small railing around the edge. Mom I know you are cringing just thinking about it. Don't worry I took pictures. The view though from so far up was unbelievable. I am always amazed at just how many buildings there are here. As far as the eye can see, and so much traffic.

After that we took the red couch pictures. I was so happy to do that again, because the white swan is closing soon, and I was scared I would not get the pictures like I had for Lilly. I must say I have some awfully cute kiddos. The little girl in pink is Hope. Is she not the cutest thing?

After the pictures session, we went to eat at Lucy's one last time. The food is not good..but it's one of those things that you feel like you should do.

My statue on the island. Looks just like me don't you think?

Tonight, it's five flights up again to eat at the Chinese place. I will be craving this food forever. So I am trying to get my fill. Then back to pack up. Hong Kong tomorrow. Inching closer to home. Love you all.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sorry for the repeat on some photos. I was having some blogger issues, but I think they are fixed now. On to the updates.
Monday we went to the zoo. It was amazing. Maybe the best zoo I have been to. The pandas were adorable! We were able to see them very close. They were laying on ice slabs. Which looked like a super idea to me because it was so hot. Around 99 degrees, and after you factor in the humidity well over 100. I wish we could have went to the zoo when it was cooler because I really would have loved to look at more.
Before we went to the zoo we had Lincolns TB test read, and thankfully it was negative. I also thought that I had lost my camera. I looked everywhere, could not find it anywhere, so I could not take pictures at the zoo. We do have video though, and thankfully I did find my camera later after we left. The family we are traveling with did graciously agree to share their pictures.
After the zoo, we had our driver drop us off at a Mexican restaurant. It was really good. Our boy can put away some food. When I asked him what he wanted he pointed to beer and buffalo wings. Haha We ordered the wings, hold the beer. They were hot, hot hot. He ate them anyway...and a quesidellia, chips and salsa, and some shrimp. He loved it, which is good because we love Mexican food. He loves spicy food too. His favorite is meat and potatoes though.
After we ate we tried to hail a cab for almost an hour. We finally got one, and the ride back to the island was something between the great race, and live or die. It was an adventure for sure, and I think I will stay within walking distance the rest of the time here.
This morning we had our consulate appointment, which made me really proud to be an American, and know I am coming back to my home country. We took the oath, and they prepared Links citizenship papers. No cameras were allowed, so I don't have pictures.
For now we are back in the room, resting a little. It's so so hot in the middle of the day here. We are going to eat again at the Chinese restaurant on the island. It's up five flights of stairs, but worth every step. So yummy, and so cheap. We ate like kings last time for $10. I wish I could bring some back home. I am sure we will do a little more shopping on the island after we eat. Tomorrow is a free day, so we will make some pictures on the red couch, and prepare to leave.
I can't wait for you all to meet our boy. He is so so sweet, happy, agreeable, really I feel like it's almost too good to be true.
More pictures tomorrow.
Much huggies!

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For the US consulate appointment. Red, white and blue.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Was great. We started out early and headed to church. That was such a wonderful experience. I can't really describe how it felt to worship god in another country, but with fellow believers. It was really special.
After that we went to the pearl market, where of course I spent just a little bit. On the way back, we walked through the medicine and pet areas, it's backroads in china...and man we saw some interesting things there....the cutest animals, fate unknown. All kinds of herbal medicines as well.
Everyone is doing great. Tomorrow we have Links TB test read, and then we are off to the zoo. I'm sure the kids will love that.
I have tons of pictures to post. Some from last night at the playground, and the rest from today.
Much love!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

There's no place like Guangzhou.

We made it to Guangzhou late last night. Link did good with the plane ride, we were just so so tired by the time we got here. We had to check out of our hotel at 2, so we had to hang around awhile at the airport. Then there was a problem with our ticket. Luckily our guide took care of that, although it took quite some time.
This morning we went for breakfast, and then took Link to his medical exam, and to get his TB test. He did really well for that too. He did cry a bit, but quickly stopped when he was offered candy.
After that we had lunch at subway and walked around the island a little while. We went to see our old friend Jordan, and he wrote Links name in calligraphy, just as he did Lillys two years ago. We talked to him about how his business has slowed, and how popular he is with adoptive families.
It's so nice to be on the island. So many American families that look like ours, and so many people to speak English with, AND a Starbucks too! It makes this last week doable.
Tomorrow we leave at 10:00 am for a shopping trip. We are walking into the city. So that should be fun. We were scheduled to go to the zoo tomorrow, but we decided to go Monday instead so it will be less crowded.
That's all for now!
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Orphanage visit

I am not sure I will ever completely be able to write about today. It was so emotional for me. The workers. The environment. The children....oh the beautiful was all so much to see. So much to take in.
I'm grateful for the love and care that was extended to my child before we were united.
I am not sure I have the vocabulary to describe today. Humbling. Life changing. And I am so thankful that I got to experience it all. Out of respect for the children, some who have families waiting on them, and many that do not, I am not publicly posting pictures of the children.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A few more pics from yesterday.

Not much to say.....

Today we are hanging out in the room for the most part. We had planned on getting out to explore but it's pouring the rain. Maybe it will clear up later. Lilly and Link are enjoying Tom and Jerry and Pleasant Goat cartoons.
Tomorrow will be a big day, as we get to go visit Link's orphanage. We will be taking the high speed bullet train to xuzhou early in the morning.
Link seems to be either getting sick, or something. He's coughing and a little congested, but very happy still. He ate a good breakfast, but has seemed a little mopey today....I know he is processing so much still, and like I said he seems to be getting some respiratory something. Still just smiling away though....I tell you, seriously, it can not be this easy. I might be in for a fit later, but as of now he is a dream!

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About that lunch...

Man...this kid can eat...and he is not picky either. As long as meat is involved he's good. This morning at breakfast, he devoured bacon and sausage, fruit, yogurt, eggs, noddles, rice, water, and juice.
Now for lunch we ventured out down the road a little. First I must say that we almost got ran over.....seriously, I am not kidding, we almost got ran over. Anyway, we decided on KFC, adventurous, right? Well, placed my order, and some how ended up with everything that I did not order....okay...let's just go with it..which is when we discovered our boys love for chicken wings...I mean he cleaned every piece of meat off the bone..all the while Lilly was gagging..but this time we have an eater on our hands. He will eat anything so far.

After that, we stopped off at Dairy Queen for some ice-cream and again, he loved it. Later we are going back to the mall, to look around.